Vacation Update!

Here we are – Fort Walton is really nice this time of year. The weather has been in hte high 80s/low 90s. No rain since the little showers on Sunday.

We worried about B (and his not wanting to get into the big waters – there are animals in there!!). On Saturday night we bought a body boards (giant kick board). We didn’t even take it down on Sunday.

On Monday, the water was so calm – it was like a lake. We took the body board out as a family. We were one of about eight families in the immediate area. BP was talking big about the third grader wearing floaties…..I told him that was big talk coming from a boy on a body board that wouldn’t let his mom let go. With that: BP said, “Then Let Go!!!” He has not stopped since then.

This morning, I got up and had breakfast before 7:00. BP was already awake, playing Nintendo in his bed – such a vacation thing. Mike got up and started getting ready to go to the beach aroud 8:30. With that, I said something about going back to bed. I managed to get out of the bed aroud 10:30.

By the time I got to the water, this is what I found……

….followed by this…..

1 thought on “Vacation Update!”

  1. finally found your blog again…and i added it to my blog roll, so i'm not losing you again. looks like you guys are enjoying your vacay, and the beach looks gorgeous! there's a little jealousy coming from my way. 😉


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