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Hi guys –

A couple of months ago I spent a weekend cropping with some friends. I love going to crops but I find I always, always, always take too much stuff with me. So, to combat that issue I decided to take a SINGLE project – albeit a biggie. I had promised a friend I would make an album of the cadid shots from her daughter’s wedding (11-08). I did this for the other daughter about a year ago.

Well, I traveled with very little that weekend and this is what I have to show for it. I used about 4-5 packs of cardstock from CTMH (Cocoa, Taffy, and Sweet Leaf, 5 loose sheets of the prettiest copper/bronze paper I have ever seen, and 1/2 – 1 pack of white and colonial cardstock).

I spent the first night random stamping paper. Then, I used a couple of the xx pages from 1 pack type layouts that are shared on the CTMH bulletin board.

By keeping the colors consistent and limiting the embellishments, this was a pretty fast project. Hope you enjoy!

1 thought on “New Slideshow”

  1. You did a great job on the wedding album. I'm sure she is very, very proud of it. Congratulations on your blog. It is off to a great start. I haven't gotten there yet because I'm just not sure I could keep up with it. I LOVE reading blogs, too. One of my favorite things on blogs is where you would share a tutorial about something that you have learned. If not a tutorial of your own maybe you could find one on youtube. I always go back go the blogs where I learn. Oh, and “Blog candy” isal


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