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The Big Reveal…

I finally remembered to add this photo to my blog   It is my first SU swap.   There were some exquisite samples in the Paper Made Prettier swap this month.  My work is cut out for me – that’s for sure.  
How many people can say they had fun at a training session?  I did on Saturday at our team training event.   Kay, Elizabeth, Patience, and Cindy did an awesome job with everything.  Thanks!!
After I finished my swap cards, I made a few more while I had the ink and stamps out. These two feature the Watercolor Words Stamp Set.  So much fun!!

I’m looking forward to the next installment.  Who knows what I’ll be sharing then?

stampin up, stamping, sunshine wishes

Day One…….

While this is not my first blog post, it is the first since I joined Stampin’ Up. I am excited to be back in the world of paper crafting.  This is something I do to relax and unwind.  I also get to document my family history and make some really cute gift and ‘thinking of you’ items for friends.

I am participating in my first SU Demonstrator Swap next weekend.   This is not my usual color palette but I was lucky enough to use inks borrowed from Elizabeth.

I won’t show my cards yet but I will share photos of the work in progress and some of the materials and supplies used.  Here goes:


Cut pieces of Whisper White Cardstock into rectangles measuring 4″ X 5.25″.  This is one-fourth of an 8.5 X 11 sheet of cardstock trimmed by 1/4 inch on both the long and short sides.    I created the background by applying the three inks (lightest to darkest) using the mini ink blending tool.  With the tool, blend the inks together at the borders to allow for a seamless transition.  In this sample, I started in the lower right corner with Wisteria Wonder, used Sweet Sugarplum in the center and Perfect Plum in the upper left corner.  After making the initial application, take the applicators and blend the colors along the transition area.   

Next, spritz water from the small spray bottle.  Allow the ink to lift slightly.  Blot with a paper towel to remove the ink.  If desired, remove the pump from the bottle and use the end to flock water drops onto the paper and blot again.  Your paper should look like the photo to the left. 

Card Front Elements

While the background papers are drying, let’s work on the paper used to make the die cuts on the card. Again, since I have not stocked my supply closet yet with SU products, I am using alternate methods to create colored paper.  To that end, mist a sheet of Whisper White cardstock.  Blot the Wisteria Wonder onto the craft mat.  Spritz it with water to create a watercolor type liquid.  Using the water brush, apply the Wisteria Wonder ink to the dampened card stock to create a very lightly colored cardstock. 

After this dries, cut each piece into something small enough to fit through the Big Shot (or Cuttlebug).  I cut my sheets in half to make them easier to use.  Using the Thinlits, cut one flower and four ‘congrats’.  I cut one of the colored cardstock and three of white cardstock.


By now, your card background should be dry.  It’s time to assemble your card front.  Using the Fine Tip Glue Pen apply glue to the back of the flower and place it to the top of the card front at a slight angle.  Meanwhile, using the fine tip glue pin again, glue the white ‘congrats’ in a stack and then attach the colored one on the top of the stack (to mimic a chipboard element).   That is placed at the bottom of the card and will look like this.


Now, we are almost finished.  After placing the ‘congrats’ on the card, stamp ‘so happy for you’ just above it to the left.  This sentiment is from the Sunshine Saying set.  For this color combination, I used Tuxedo Memento Ink. 
 Finishing Touches
To add a little bling to this card, I added some tiny rhinestones along the stem near the flower.  It added just a little dazzle to this card. 
The final card is a top fold card. I made the base from Black Cardstock.  The card front is applied directly to the card base.  On the inside of the card, add a 4 X 5.25 piece of Whisper White cardstock to complete the card. 
And, there you have it.  A super easy, simple card that looks pretty impressive., Uncategorized

Dog Days of Summer

These have really been the Dog Days of Summer. We have had record highs, and incredible droughts in the midwest. We can’t complain too much. While Arkansas was suffering record heat, we were on the Gulf Coast soaking up the sun and relaxing.

As it turned out it seems I ended up as the official photographer for this trip. Mike pulled FLIP camera duty for the surfing exhibition/training course.
But, the party must come to an end. School will be starting in less than a week. Can’t believe the little man will be in 4th grade. I know this will be a fun ride…..I hope.

May, already?

Spring in Arkansas seems tohave flown by — ok it did with the tornados and straight line winds. We were very fortunate here, and are saying prayers for our neighbors that weren’t so lucky.

May brings with it a season of change. New beginnings and bittersweet endings. This is a crazy time of year for all of us, but this year it seesm to have taken on a surreal sense of calm. I think I know why – but I am not certain. It is sad that I am winding down as the Den Mother for B’s cub scouts. I love each and every one of those little boys, who are on the brink of becoming young men. It is time for me to let someone else have a turn and continue them on their path. I will miss seeing them at each meeting and when I do attend, I will be B’s mom and not the line leader.

Which brings me to another ending. A friend of mine, my age, passed away today. She is the person that initiated me to the term ‘line leader’ long before days of preschool and kindergarten. Although we were not besties, she always had a smile and a twinkle in her eye. She will be missed by her family and friends. MG – practice at being line leader so when we get there you can show us the ropes. We’re counting on you.

Beginnings — spring always brings with it the thought of new beginnings. This is the first time in many years that we have a garden. We are all so excited about having fresh tomatoes and peppers.

I hope to check in more frequently than I have recently. Have a Happy Cinqo de Mayo!!


Long Weekend

The kids are out of school tomorrow. Wish we were home to play, too.

My little man is growing up WAY too quickly. this has been a great first 9-weeks of Third Grade. He is learning so much. Monday starts a new adventure — BP starts the Chess Club. They meet once a month. I think this will be a great activity for him and for his daddy.

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Big Weekend

For a relatively ‘unscheduled’ weekend we have been really busy. Last night, we had family movie night (after a fashion – since someone was in timeout). This morning was soccer followed by lots of exciting college football. WOOOO PIG SOOOIE!!! This was all followed by a wonderful meal of salmon, risotto, fresh asparagus, and homemade yeast rolls.

Oh – back to the rolls. I made a recipe from the Pioneer Woman (chocolate chip cookie sweet roll). I will report back later – but things are looking very promising.

Church tomorrow and more cub scout and PTA paperwork and website updating.


Big League Dreams

Today was day 3 of Vacation Bible School and SLUFY. Mike was off work so it was his turn to take BP to the church for VBS. I went to wake up BP.

He was stretching (or so I thought). I mentioned that was a big stretch for a little boy.

He asked, “Is he out?”

My response, “Is who out?”

Answer: “The 3rd baseman.”

“Yes, you threw him out.”


Then he rolled over and went back to sleep. My goodness, my little man LOVES baseball!!