So Do I!!! (Extended)

Do you love Designer Series Paper?  So do I!  Do you want all of this paper?  So do I!

Here is an awesome way to get your hands on the newest DSP from the Occasions catalog without breaking the bank. Join me in a paper share.  What’s that you ask?  Well, that is a way for you to get a sampling (one 6X6 piece) of all the DSP in the Occasions catalog.  I take care of ordering and cutting into the 6×6 pieces.  I ship it to you.  You simply bask in the beauty of these luscious colors and patterns.  It’s so easy.   $22 will get you one paper share of these seven sets and the glassine paper AND priority shipping to your front door.  Order by February 24 and I will start shipping out on February 28.  Plus, the first six people to order will receive a free gift from me.  Now, who doesn’t like FREE?

Email me at vporta @ swbell.net for a paypal link.  Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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