More Championship Baseball

As the trophies were being handed out last night, there was much discussion about a party. Many suggestions were made about Wild River Country, the City Pool, etc. Mike caught my eye and nodded “yes”. I spoke up – we have a pool. Then a little louder – we have a pool. Then finally,WE HAVE A POOL! Coach turned to me – you have a pool? Yes. OK – Party at the Porta House – tomorrow at noon. TOMORROW??? Oh gosh – good thing I had been a little more responsible this week and the house was sort of picked up. Now, off to help decorate for VBS for a few minutes and then on to Sam’s for paper good and a cake. WOW!! You just never know where things are going to take you! More details later…

Benjamin is so excited…..he thinks the party should start NOW – since he is awake.

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