Bad Idea, Very Bad Idea

In an effort to keep the little people busy and happy yesterday, I decided to tell them about Cops and Robbers and Cowboys and Indians. Well, that is now one of our favorite games. It was rainy and muggy here today. So, my big boy and my little boy played C&R inside. The loot? My camera, and anything else near me. Loved hearing the discussion about splitting the goods. Hope that is not a conversation that EVER really happens.

This is not a great photo – but it is one……

I finally am in the 21st century with a Facebook page(?). It is a blast hearing from people from high school and college. Even heard about the Youth Symphony reunion tour in 2010. Mike suggested I start practicing now. Wonder exactly what that means…………

I also made some killer Turkey Noodle Soup leftovers. Got to use the super cool ladle that Mom gave us for Christmas. Check it out – it is made to hook on the side of the pot and rest there.

Back to school, work, bball practice, and scouts this week.

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