Easy Like Sunday Morning……..

Although it was an early morning, it has been a great day. By 1:00 PM we had been to church, I had been to the gym, we had eaten and cleaned up lunch, laundry was started, and I was in my scrapbook space. Add to that, we have had a great weekend – basketball game, watching the Olympics, church, and Benjamin planning and cooking dinner last night.
Benjamin had to complete one of the final requirements for his Wolf Advancement for Cub Scouts. We had cheeseburgers and cheetos (see a theme here) for dinner. Dessert was Trix yogurt (he thought he would win the Grand Prize). he still thinks he will be the big winner off the marketing come-ons. Here is a shot of he and Mike cooking the burgers….

When we went to the grocery store yesterday, we tried tog et some groceries for the coming week. No Can Do. All we were there to get was ingredients for Benjamin’s dinner. It was all we could do to grab milk and get it home.
Storms this afternoon – but it is clearing to the west……hope Spring is on the way.

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